Reference Approved CCTV Contractors
Our reference corporate members on the Public Utilities Board (PUB) Registry of Approved CCTV Contractors.

S/No. Reference Approved CCTV Contractors
1 M/s Quek & Quek Civil Engineering Pte Ltd
Tel: 6368 8123
2 M/s Pipeline Services Pte Ltd
Tel: 6262 6253
3 M/s Pipe Rehabilitation Pte Ltd
Tel: 6842 6616
4 M/s O Liner Technology Pte Ltd
Tel: 6742 8138
5 M/s Lian Shing Construction Co Pte Ltd
Tel: 6481 5810
6 M/s Ka-Tech Asia Pte. Ltd.
Tel: 6793 2186
7 M/s Johnson Pacific Pte Ltd
Tel: 6268 1177
8 M/s Jet-Vac Service Pte Ltd.
Tel: 6842 0828

Our reference corporate members are qualified to operate robotic inspection systems in the hazardous environments of Singapore's used water networks. All the members listed here are registered with PUB's Registry of Approved CCTV Contractors.

Approved CCTV Contractors, act as independent assessors to conduct inspections, surveys or examinations of conduits, pipelines, sewers and drainlines to assess, monitor and report on their condition. Our reference members actively work to advance the science and practice of sewer & pipeline inspections. We help to safeguard public health and protect the interests of the common good with our fidelity and ability.

Please contact our reference specialist members for advisory services on Investigative Works, Pre-Construction, Post-Construction, End of Defects Liability Period Pipeline Inspections in Singapore.